We Know.


We all know what’s going on, right? Even as we sit comfortably naive on our couches watching the latest slutty, occult inspired comedy, the selfishly, pleasure gaining romance, or the egotistically manufactured action movie; somewhere deep down in most of us there’s an intuitive notion that something is wrong with the world – only an ignorant and arrogant fool would blatantly declare that we’re living in the greatest time in history.

We’re living in a time we’re the dark and cruel workings of “upper class society” are becoming more and more undone every day, and the exposure is immeasurable. We know who they are, we know the offshoot’s who’re involved – the Royals of all nations, the American Government and its branches, the British government, the UN, Club of Rome, CFR, the Trilateral Commission, all involved in leading the entire world population astray (and as some of you will know, that’s just to name a few). There’s then the, Underground Occult Network, which consists largely of families who’ve been established for generations, and who also invite into their well organised, hidden agendas, movement’s and political and social endeavours the famous and semi-famous, the status-hungry, and the vain souls longing and grasping for any form of power whatsoever.

The exposure of their dark, underground works is no longer a secret, their cruel, sadistic lifestyles are no longer concealed – what is done in the darkness is coming to light. And who are we that acknowledge these things, who are the few (don’t be fooled, we are not the 99%) that realise the weight and seriousness of these workings? We realise the deceit of the masses, the cleverly designed religious, political, scientific and spiritual programs to propagate light and wisdom, intelligence and self, progress and evolution.

Some of us have been falling down this rabbit hole for some time, some of us are just starting to dip our heads into the darkness that drops below; some of us see, some of us hear, some of us feel, and a lot of us grieve. We’re confused and dumbfounded, questioning our own sanity and the sanity of those we share our concerns with. We understand why the masses are blind, deaf and dumb but fail to comprehend why so few of us are willing to acknowledge or even believe that what is playing out in our world since the dawn of time is a deliberate attempt to destroy our souls – and it always begins with the children – even from the womb, a faithless people agree with the lies spoken about the unborn and the lives predestined for them, and with the decay of simple unity between man, woman and child, so many are left to struggle alone in this dying world degraded by lies and the shed blood of the innocent.

The System is vast, the Web spread out over all the world, and the culprits ranking from least to greatest are a lot more than the few elite who stand accused; from morning television show representers, rookie cops, detectives and high ranking officers, local doctors, psycho-therapists, school teachers, church pastors/priests and other church staff members, small time politicians, owners of big media corporations… (I could go on and on). It’s just as easy to say that the Occult and the Luciferian Initiative have penetrated every single, damned aspect of society, first entering through the doors of our schools, colleges and universities; and blinding and deafening us via our television sets and the music industry that so many of the First World are in fine tune to.

So what can we do?
We know what we want to do: stop the madness, stop and prevent the pain inflicted on so many disadvantaged and weak individuals, expose the lies and deceit, spread the Ultimate Truth of Jesus Christ (without dogma and fundamentalism I hope, those vital vices construed upon the masses by the religious and political elite), we want to help the victims, aid the poor, and live in a world without corruption.
What we want is Heaven on Earth, a New Earth, full of truth and love, a world where the child can play in the snakes den, where lambs feed next to lions; a world that Jesus said He had gone to prepare for the faithful, a world without the cunning influence of that Serpent the Devil, the Deceitful Light-Bearer Lucifer. We want the powers and despots to stand down, we want Man, Woman and Child to be their own authority, have their own way of life in truth, wisdom, understanding, mercy, love and light, without hypocrisy, with discernment and judgement inspired by the Holy Spirit of God, the Holy Spirit of His People.

Who is such a liar as he who denies that Jesus is the Christ (the Messiah)? He is the antichrist (the antagonist of Christ), who habitually denies and refuses to acknowledge the Father and the Son. No one who habitually denies (disowns) the Son has the Father. Whoever confesses, acknowledges and has the Son has the Father also.
-1 John 22:22-23


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